Day 20

I have a problem with mechanical, habitual, semiconscious web browsing that I want to break.  I recognize a lot of my spare time goes down the drain like this that could be otherwise spent on stuff I really want to do (just not right now, cause right now I really “want” to watch this youtube video!)

I’ve thought a great deal about this, and something came to mind.

There will never be an end to procrastination.  There will never be a conclusion.  Never a satisfying summation.  No finish line and no reward.  Always one must wrench themselves away and deal with that feeling of having left something undone.  A video half-watched.  An article half-skimmed.

“A few more minutes” is a time machine, hurtling forward.  Never will one be without reason to slack off.  Rarely does getting to work feel satisfying in itself, like taking the right medicine.

Both are crucial.



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