Day 14

It’s ok to be tired.

I’ve found a great deal of societal messages exalting the idea of boundless energy.  Youthful exuberance is romanticized beyond belief, and the idea of “go hard, do more, all the way!” is chiseled in to the communal psyche.

But that’s not how human bodies work, at least from a physiological standpoint.

Biological energy comes in waves.  We need food and rest.  Always.  Never has there been a point in human history where someone could function normally for a mere 48 hours without some form of rest and sustenance.  However, we’re led to believe (perhaps even accidentally) that feeling tired is something bad. Or worse: weak.

I’ve seen this is myself.  A yawn in the middle of the day prompts reactivity from my self-talk . 

What? You’re tired now!?  It’s barely the middle of the day!  Stop yawning, you have so much stuff to do todayHarden up!

Rarely people even allow themselves to be tired.

Ask someone who has had a shoulder injury how much they miss a good yawn.  Now ask yourself whether you have felt satisfied, or embarrassed and mildly irritated when you yawn?

Explore the positive qualities in feeling exhausted.  There is a comforting subtlety that people rarely experience because they are too cross with themselves and are in perpetual denial that they are tired.  Being tired is good.  It’s an important signal that the body needs rest to get back to optimal efficiency.

Whether or not you can get that rest at the given moment is, of course a different story.  If there is something to be done and you are tired, of course that thing must still be done.  But don’t drive down the reality of physical exhaustion while you perform your tasks.  Embrace it.  Being tired sometimes is human.


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